Boleto Loan: How It Works

Paying a loan on the billet is very advantageous. After all, you don’t have to be an account holder at the company that makes the loan and controls the payments. See how it works. See for a summary

The credit market offers several payment options for those who make a loan. But the payment method will depend on the type of loan contracted and the company chosen.

See how the loan in the bill works and compare with the other modalities.


Boleto loan

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 The loan in the ticket helps in competition

Boleto loan is most common in fintechs and financials. This is because the client does not need to have a prior relationship with the institution. The advantage is that the customer can program himself and does not have the amount discounted directly from the checking account or salary.

In the personal loan of Bendico the payment is made by boleto. This is because the customer does not need to have registration with Bendico before applying for a loan. Anyone can apply for and pass credit analysis.

This payment method asks the borrower’s organization because he must schedule not to miss the date.

To make it easier for the customer, Bendico allows the borrower to choose a more comfortable payment date. He also receives the slips via email near the payment date and has them available in the user area of ​​the Bendico website.


Other modes of payment

Other modes of payment

The market offers other payment methods for those who want to make a loan.

The most common is the current account discount. It occurs when borrowing from the bank with which you are an account holder. Although it helps in planning and makes payment automatic, it has the disadvantage of requiring the customer to be a customer of the institution, harming competition.

It is also possible to make the payroll discount loan. But in this case the company in which the borrower works must have an agreement with the bank. And there is no competition here either, because the client can only do it at the partner bank of the company in which he works.

There are other less common modalities such as check and credit card loans. But it is quite rare to find companies that make this type of loan. The check, in particular, is very outdated.


Bendico Boletus Loan

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As stated earlier, Bendico’s payment method is by bank slip. To order simply click the button below, fill in your details and wait for the pre-approval within 2 minutes.

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